The Butter Brewer(butter/Oil/Tincture/DIY) FREE Shipping

The Butter Brewer(butter/Oil/Tincture/DIY) FREE Shipping
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The Butter Brewer features a removable non-stick four quart pot and a removable automated stirring paddle with presets for butter, oil, and tinctures.  It's primarily intention is infusions, but is has the versatility to handle many other cooking/heating tasks as well.  Our machine holds more volume than the competition, and it can also do less volume as there is no minimum fill line.  

Oil, Butter, and Tincture presets

The oil, butter, and tincture functions have preset temperatures, time, mixing interval, and mixing duration so you can press the function and go.  You can also adjust the values so that you can dial it in and make the adjustments you want to make the perfect brew.

Removable Stirring/Mixing Blade

The blade moves at configurable intervals for configurable duration so that you can mix the contents of the Butter Brewer however often is necessary for the perfect brew.  You can also remove it to easily wash it.

The blade spins slowly to ensure everything gets well saturated while avoiding chopping up your botanicals.  This keeps more fine leafy pieces and chlorophyll out of the the end product.  

Configurable Temperature

The butter brewer will heat from 90F - 300F.

This allows you to heat accurately at low temperatures as well as higher temperatures.


Supports up to 48 hour brews.

Temperature Range: 90F - 300F

Configurable mix interval and duration, or remove the stirring blade and avoid mixing.

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