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The Atman Pretty Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen is designed in high tech, coming with orange alert, to indicate customers when it is ready to vape, and warn us it is getting hot, do not touch it directly.

Once the temperature reaches 113°F, the color of tank start to change to orange, when it reaches to 122 °F, it will be totally orange color. When it is ready to vape, the light will turn to green color. When stop working, and cool down to 100°F, it will be back to the normal color. It is in Pen style for dry herb, with 360° heating structure chamber in ceramic mega volume for dry herb. Ensure pure taste of vaping.

1. Pretty Slim vaporizer pen for dry herb in 14mm Diameter.
2. With high tech design, coming with color change, orange alert. To tell when it is ready to vape, and warn customer the atomizer is getting hot, do not touch it directly.
3. Coming with ceramic tank, ensure pure taste.
4. New heating structure, ensure 100% heating up. No waste.
5. High drain lithium battery, supper enough power, ensure it can reach 400°F in 30 seconds.
6. Unscrew the tank cover to fill the dry herb.
7. Bottom Micro USB charging way.

Protection System:
1. Low Voltage protection:The device will stop working when it is lower voltage, meanwhile the red button light will flash 8 times to indicate it’s time to charge.
2. Short Circuit protection: When the atomizer is short circuit, The device will stop working and red button light will flash 3 times to indicate Short Circuit happening.
3. Over time protection: With 60 seconds cut-off, when it constantly works for 60 seconds, it will cut off and stop working, the green button light will flash 3 times to indicate over-time working. Reset the button, and you can use it again.

Take off the heating chamber, and using brush or ethanol alcohol to clean the dry herb vaporizer after use. Please make sure it is cool down and get back to the normal color before cleaning.

ATTENTION: Please keep the heating chamber totally dry before you load it to the device.

Atman Pretty Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit::
1 x Atman Pretty Plus Battery
1 x Pretty Plus Atomizer
1 x Extra heating chamber
1 x packing tool
1 x Micro USB charger

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