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Authentic subox mini starter kit latest product.from kangerTech team.  Black and white in stock! Ship in 24 hours.
The Mya Vento (meaning wind) is one one of our newer small hookah added to the family! This little guy packs a punch, providing a dense...
This is a one-of-a-kind hookah you won't find anywhere else. The solid glass base is imprinted with the words, "Best Is Yet To Come."...
The Mya Flamingo is similar to the Onyx 400 but has a different base. Still a great choice for hookah lounges/bars, but makes a great at...
29.5 inches tall. Amazingly detailed and durable stem - very heavy duty. This hookah will work great in any hookah lounge or hookah bar....
Your choice of grey, blue, light purple, olive green, pink, amber, sky blue, dark aqua with a matching Tobacco Burner and Metal Tip...
The Dervish is 21" tall. Has a classic glass base, aluminum stem, four hose capability and packaged in a Mya box.
There are not enough products in stock
Drop in or screw. Bohemian hookah glass and from craftsman who are dedicated to design and function. Solid brass stem that can be...
The Luna is a 22" tall hookah. Comes equipped with an aluminum stem and the hookah base is made with Classic MYA Glass.
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